Geodesy and cartography

Rosreestr is a federal body of executive power that is responsible for the provision of public services and management of state property in geodesy and cartography. The main responsibilities of Rosreestr in geodesy and cartography are management of geodetic and cartographic activities of federal level, licensing of geodetic and cartographic activities and government geodetic supervision.

Geodesy and cartography solve a wide range of government tasks and serve to meet the needs of the private sector and the general public. Some of the tasks of geodesy and cartography: land-use planning; architectural and construction design; cadastral registration of real estate for civil transactions; tasks in ecology, natural resource use, population policy, etc.

Activities in geodesy and cartography are governed by Federal Law No. 209-FZ “On Geodesy and Cartography”, dated December 26, 1995, and corresponding regulations.

State regulation of geodetic and cartographic activities is performed by means of licensing, as well as government geodetic supervision.

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