International non-profit association EuroGeographics
The EuroGeographics association represents the European national cartography, cadastral and land registry authorities.
EuroGeographics is registered as a non-profit organization under Belgian law and headquartered in Brussels (Belgium).
The mission of the association is comprised of the following tasks: development of the European spatial data infrastructure; promotion of cooperation between national association member agencies; development of projects that are of interest to all or some of the members of the association; provision (including on commercial terms) of products and services that are based on such projects; participation in the implementation of EU initiatives in geodesy and cartography.
Initiatives of the international non-profit association EuroGeographics
The main initiative related to all the other activities of the Association is to develop the European Location Framework. This initiative is a continuation of the European SDI (ESDIN) project, which resulted in the creation of a foundation for interaction and interoperability of the cross-border and pan-European spatial database.
  • requirements (specifications, standards) for geospatial data;
  • services that ensure the interoperability of cross-border and pan-European spatial data.
Services include quality assessment, compilation, and transformation, as well as ensuring compatibility, security and availability (for viewing and downloading) of data.
This initiative is funded by the European Commission and implemented in order to fulfil the directive of the European Union on development of the spatial data infrastructure (INSPIRE).
  • Development initiatives aimed at the development and validation of processes and services. These initiatives can be funded by the European Commission or by third parties (for example, the European SDI project that has already been completed).
  • Implementation and support initiatives aimed at the provision of services or creation of products. These initiatives are mostly funded by third parties.