The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography
  • state registration of property rights and transactions;
  • maintenance of the Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions;
  • maintenance of the State Real Estate Cadastre;
  • public services for cadastre recording of real estate;
  • land management;
  • state land monitoring and state land supervision;
  • geodesy and cartography;
  • maintenance of registers and provision of extracts;
  • supervision of activities of self-regulated organizations.
Rosreestr was founded in 2009 through the merger of three agencies: the Federal Registration Service, the Federal Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and the Federal Agency for Cartography. Upon its establishment, Rosreestr became responsible for the performance of three functions: the registration of property rights, cadastre maintenance, as well as geodesy and cartography activities.
Rosreestr has two subordinate institutions, FSBI “Federal Cadastre Chamber of Rosreestr” and FSBI “Centre of Geodesy, Cartography and Spacial Data Infrastructure”. Rosreestr controls FSBI “Rostekhinventarizatsiya - Federal Bureau of Technical Inventarization”.
The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography is headed by Oleg Skufinskiy.
Today, Rosreestr is among the largest providers of public services in Russia, interacting with individuals and businesses using paper-based and electronic documents. Furthermore, Rosreestr is one of the main providers of information required by the state and municipal authorities to provide their services. It provides 11 types of extracts from the Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions and the State Real Estate Cadastre.
Rosreestr has the largest cadastre and real estate rights registration system in the world.
  • registration of over 25.5 million documents concerning rights, transactions, restrictions and encumbrances on real estate;
  • the cadastre records for over 10 million buildings, structures, premises and facilities under construction;
  • the cadastre holds records for more than 18.5 million land plots;
  • provision of over 56 million documents from the Unified State Register of Property Rights and Transactions, the State Real Estate Cadastre and the cartography fund, including over 27 million e‑documents;
  • performance of over 400 thousand inspections of compliance with land legislation with over 130 thousand breaches identified.
Rosreestr works to meet the current public needs and actively develops new standards of work. Leading the public services sector, Rosreestr follows the principle of transparency and seeks to improve the quality and accessibility of the services it provides.
Rosreestr continuously works to improve the real estate recording and registration system. The Russian Federation came 12th for "property registration" in the international rating Doing Business-2015, published by the World Bank. For the last 2 years, Russia has managed to jump in 34 places in "property registration". Overall, Russia came 62nd in Doing Business-2015, finding its way into the TOP 100.
  • Transparency, comfortable conditions and minimum periods for public services provision
  • Development of e-services and innovative services
  • Effective inter-departmental collaboration and cooperation with regional authorities
  • High-quality information resources, reliability and completeness of information
  • Public controls and accountability